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2020 cyber threats
February 26, 2020
The new cyber threats read like the script of a horror movie. 

Hackers are smart. And they're busy—generating 300,000 new malware attacks and hacking 30,000 websites daily. Phishing attacks—also known as social engineering—target human emotions, tricking recipients into an action that puts themselves and their information at risk. On average, 1 out of every 99 emails is a phishing scam.

Digital piracy solutions
December 27, 2019
Five steps to protect your digital content.  Arrggh, matey! There be pirates among us! Your blog content is valuable digital property, and digital pirates may be out to grab it. It's not uncommon for bloggers to discover their hard work reproduced—without permission, attribution, or a link—on someone else's site.
July 25, 2019

So let’s say your company has a new product launching. You need to promote the new brand on your Drupal website. What are some SEO tips for promoting your brand while the paint is still wet? Together, let’s walk through some SEO steps to promote your new brand online.

1. Expand the page title The first place to look on your website is to create new pages, (or find existing content) that belong to the brand. Once you have done that, we will begin with recommendations for page titles.

July 9, 2019
Is your website ready for summer?

It's HOT outside!

Summer has landed across the US. As heat indexes rise, consumers take refuge in air-conditioned spaces like malls, restaurants, and movie theaters. 

sales tax
February 13, 2019
Here's What You Need to Know ​ Until recently, collecting and remitting sales tax was at least comparatively simple. Retailers collected tax for in-state sales, and online sellers were usually exempt. But sales tax requirements have undergone huge changes. Businesses now face the confusing and time-consuming task of determining sales tax requirements for goods and services in each state. And those requirements differ radically from one state to another and even within states. In fact, the United States has over 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions! 
Man with Money
October 29, 2018
Is your website successful? ​ Before your website can be successful, customers have to find it.  Your site has to show up in potential customers' SERPs (Search Engine Page Results). As we explained in a previous blog, Google now processes 86.39% of searches on all devices and 93.86% of mobile searches. So if you want a successful website, start with Google. Google says CONTENT is one of the most important factors affecting search rank.
August 1, 2018
You've heard it said . . .      If you want to play, you have to play by my rules. Google doesn't actually say that. But with nearly total dominance over search, Google could say it, and it would be true. Over 90% of search queries worldwide are now handled through Google. In the US, Google processes 86.39% of searches on all devices and a whopping 93.86% of mobile searches. And Google's algorithms decide which websites rank in those searches. Over 200 factors are used to determine search rank. What some of those factors are and how they work together make up those algorithms Google guards with almost legendary secrecy. So when Google comes right out and announces updates that affect search rank, it's a good idea to pay attention.
Cookie and Coffee
July 2, 2018
Pass the Cookies—or Give the Cookies a Pass? GDPR is overwhelming. The headlines have faded, and the panic has dulled. But GDPR's requirements remain very real and challenging to understand and implement. If you're still struggling, you're not alone. Estimates have varied widely—from as few as 7% to about 60%—of US companies who expected to achieve compliance by the May 25th deadline. Even the most optimistic estimate leaves 40% failing to meet the compliance deadline. And even some large businesses just gave up, at least for awhile. The LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and Tronc Inc. (which owns the New York Daily News, the Baltimore Sun, the Orlando Sentinel, and the San Diego Union-Tribune) blocked all European access to their websites. Europeans are greeted with an image like this one, posted by the LA Times.
May 4, 2018
Does GDPR Affect You? ​ Probably, yes. We'll get into the details shortly, but let's start with the most important question: Do you need to care about GDPR? If you have customers or clients in the EU, yes. You are required to comply with GDPR. Even if you don't do business in the EU, you may still be legally obligated to comply with GDPR requirements. If your business has a website, it could (at least potentially) reach people in Europe. If your site uses cookies, it may be collecting IP addresses, browsing history, or other information from site visitors. If your site includes webforms or allows comments, it probably collects names or usernames and email addresses.
March 26, 2018
We Want to Build You a Great Website! And you can help make it happen! The web offers over 1.8 billion sites. Some are good; few could really be called great. Why so few? Because too many websites miss the point. They fill pages with unfocused content that fails to serve an audience-focused purpose. At Covenant, our goal is to develop a great website for you, one that stands out above the crowd. To do that, we'll ask you a lot of questions about your company, of course, because you provide the information that goes into your website. You can help us develop the best website possible if you understand what makes a great website.