Amazon Web Services

Best in Class Hosting Solution

For hosting, we highly recommend Amazon Web Services (AWS) because it is the most reliable, cost effective, and comprehensive hosting solution. In addition to basic hosting, AWS offers a suite of enterprise class features that allow Covenant Design to tailor the solutions to each customer’s needs and budget. AWS consistently ranks as the most reliable hosting solution (ranked by uptime). In addition to Drupal’s own security, AWS allows us to secure sites using firewalls and configuration best practices that secure the database in a private network with no access to/from the internet. It can be configured to maintain a minimum level of resources during low traffic periods and autoscale by adding additional web servers during peak usage. There are also services that can be used to blast out emails and texts if needed. Services such as these, along with a host of other options, reliability, flexible pricing, and unmatched scalability are the reasons it is the dominant hosting solution across both the private and public sector today.