Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Drupal Commerce has a robust ecommerce offering and has been used to deploy thousands of websites across the world. We have worked with several companies who rely on ecommerce to move their products over the years.

Of course! While we will recommend that you keep content fresh and updated on your site, there are some things that just never go out of style. In our initial meetings with your team we will discuss the content on both your old site and what will be on the new site for launch. 

Yes, our team can fix most websites and get them into a workable place. However, we treat each project as a unique situation and while our team can often make the necessary changes, recovering an outdated website is often not the most cost efficient solution. 

No. While our team is remote and has been remote based for the last 20 years, we handle all of our work within our team. 

We have launched  web projects in four weeks and we have spent over a year working with  clients to get a site ready for launch. A lot of the timing depends on the project, but most projects take between four and ten weeks from start to finish.

Not at all. The truth is, many of our clients have no experience in development or coding before starting a project with us. At Covenant we build our sites with a Content Management System (CMS). These systems allow you to manage, update, and edit parts of your website from a simple WYSIWYG editor that functions like most word processing programs. The CMS will be custom built for you and your team making sure to focus on the areas you will update the most. 

Our response times are quick. You’ll usually get an email reply within the hour and many fixes are done the same day.

There are many different options for what can be built into a website. We approach each project as a unique build.  That being said our clients can usually expect to pay between $5,000 - $18,000 for a custom website with a Content Management System (CMS). 

We work with clients of all sizes and have built large enterprise sites that range from $35k to well over six figures. It really just depends on the needs and goals of our clients. In many cases we can deliver a custom website, tailor fit for your agency for under ten thousand dollars.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in developing a strong digital presence. What was once seen as a fringe area of digital marketing is now one of the most important.  

We build all of our sites to be SEO friendly with a good site structure, vetted modules, valid HTML, and proper markup. We also utilize content management systems that have pre-built options for improving your SEO rank.  In addition to building the site the proper way, our team is experienced in not only getting your site to show up in Google, but to help you improve your overall rank.  

YES! We mainly utilize Drupal and Wordpress for our clients. Each is a complete content management system (CMS) that allows you to update or edit pages, content, and just about every aspect of your website from any device. We also create website training videos custom to your site to show you and your team how to manage the important aspects of your website. 

Security is one of, if not the most important aspect of a website.  Through a combination of the code, the hosting environment, and process we use, we are able to make sure our clients can rest easy knowing that their website is secure. 

Yes! All of our websites are built with responsive design which means it will adjust to the screen size of different devices. Our team also goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance phase during our process to make sure the content on your site can be viewed from any device. 

Yes. We are big believers in working within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, but are willing to work with just about any host that provides the proper environment. Find out why we prefer AWS.