An odd mixture of developer notes, project writings, and general observations.

Responsive Web Design: How to Sew

We, at Covenant Design, recently had the privilege to work on a sewing blog for Better Homes and Gardens.  It was a great opportunity to really solidify our process for responsive web design.  Responsive web design is simply the concept that your website should be able to be easily and seemlessly viewed on all of the various devices and browsers available.  For example: in Chrome on my computer the website looks like this:

Yet, on my Iphone 4, it displays as:

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Reading in between the lines: Do SEO unto thyself, not unto others.

Recently one of our clients forwarded me an email similar to the one below and wanted to know what I thought about the search engine optimization (SEO) opportunity that the email talked about. The email was from people who were launching a new social community/forum type website and they wanted to feature our client’s company. Sounds legit right? Well, let’s make a judgment call after reading the paraphrased email and explanation:

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Applying a patch to specific git revision by date

I am currently working on trying out a patch that was written against Drupal 7 core and Views in October 2010.  One or two things have changed to the code in the two years since!  I first tried grabbing the last release before the date of the patches for both Drupal and Views, but the patch failed applying.  Consequently I had to figure out how to checkout the projects at that particular date.  This was especially tricky because Drupal has migrated from CVS to Git during that two year interval so I cannot just use the revision info in the patch file to roll back in CVS.

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Using Drupal Commerce USPS module

Commerce USPS is a cool module that helps us to integrate information obtained from USPS web services into the Drupal Commerce checkout. It uses product weight, store's zip code, shipping address zip code, and the type of service (express, priority etc) and gives us the exact cost.

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Product Management with Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce may not always be easy to use by the store owners and administrators, as the product creation is not very intuitive. Different product options as stored as different products. This makes sense: package with two pounds of rice is physically different than a package with ten pounds. Blue and green shirt can have different inventory numbers.

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