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February 7, 2022

Since the early days of brick and mortar shops, psychologists and marketers have worked together to undergo extensive research into figuring out what makes us want (or need) to make a purchase. What are the triggers that  influence us to purchase one product over another and what sways our decision making process? After all, by understanding what goes into a purchasing decision, it becomes simpler to manipulate your advertising or messaging to gain better results in the future.

Design Trends
January 31, 2022

Every year there are new and exciting trends in the world of web design. Being able to stay in step with these trends can be challenging but will help you get the most out of your design projects. Whether you’re designing a site for your own personal use or for a client, knowing the current trends will help you build a better, more modern design. Here are some recent trends that can help your site stay up to date:

Woman receives package
January 24, 2022

Over the last year so much of our daily lives have changed. One of the things that seems to surprise people is how difficult it can be, or how long it can now take to receive items. Whether it be a delay due simply to shipping, or a delay due to one or more pieces in the production chain, the way we get things has slowed down over the last year.

January 18, 2022

Today there are websites for everything imaginable. There are personal websites, business websites, e-commerce sites, and many, many more. This high volume of websites also brings about a high number of subpar websites. Some sites look ancient and could have been built in the same era as Windows 98. Company websites are typically the first place where customers form their opinion on your business. If you are running a website from the stone age, potential customers might not think too highly of your company.

Website Performance
January 10, 2022

In conversations with our clients, we often hear about challenges related to internal workflows. Employees may have tasks that are simple but maybe the process has started to consume lots of energy and time. Processes may be repetitive and unengaging, so it is difficult to maintain accuracy. These kinds of problems are not unique to your sector of the business “solar system” - in fact they are a common occurrence in the universe of business: there is a “black hole” in the process that is sapping resources.

In Case of Emergency
January 4, 2022

Even if you are prepared, unforeseen events can happen. Anticipating problems and mitigating risks are part of any project, including web design. Unpredictable events can sneak up, even with proper due diligence and best practice procedures in place. These unexpected circumstances can affect the project outcome. Fortunately, with proper procedure and adequate process, true emergencies are extremely rare when working with a qualified web development team.

December 27, 2021

Your website is likely going to provide the first impressions you make with your customers. When you have guests come over to your home for the first time, your goal is to make a great first impression right? You wouldn’t host people for dinner if the house is a mess, and you didn’t have food prepared would you? The same goes for your websiteYou want the website to be an asset for your business towards increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and bolstering sales. Here are 10 tips to improve your website:

responsive design
December 13, 2021
One important thing you can do is to ensure your website is mobile responsive.  Internet usage on mobile devices has been steadily increasing over the last decade, with mobile overtaking desktop usage in market share in 2016.
Holiday Ecommerce Shipping Delay Issues for Online Stores
December 9, 2021

Holiday shopping is ramping up. Customers are looking for the perfect gifts for special people in their lives, often willing to go beyond normal shopping tendencies to celebrate together. In the world of eCommerce, there are a variety of aspects to consider to meet the needs of your customers. At first, you may think of factors like inventory and shipping. You have to have goods to sell and they need to arrive on time. But going further into the subject of eCommerce, here are some additional ways to help bolster your website and respond to customer online shopping needs.

December 7, 2021

Search engines are amazing tools. Within seconds, anything you can think of can be at your fingertips with the click of a button. Whether you want to watch a video about car repair, learn a new recipe, or view your company's ranking in the results, Google and other search engines will always have what you're looking for.