An odd mixture of developer notes, project writings, and general observations
speed limit sign
July 21, 2021

Seems like an innocuous question, but often people are surprised when they learn the truth.  While the United States may lag behind quite a few when it comes to average internet speed, most of us still have a good enough connection to visit just about any site. So does how fast your website loads really matter? The truth is, it matters a great deal. Here are a few reasons...

rocket launching
June 8, 2021

Launch day is a big milestone and can be stressful. In our work, we launch websites all the time and have a defined process that takes the stress away. We work closely together as we make your website live. Here are some of the planning and preparation steps that can make your launch day as uneventful and smooth as possible.

responsive design
May 25, 2021
One important thing you can do is to ensure your website is mobile responsive.  Internet usage on mobile devices has been steadily increasing over the last decade, with mobile overtaking desktop usage in market share in 2016.
King penguin
March 31, 2021
Working with websites, there is always a debate over what makes a good website.  What attracts visitors?  How can I get people to come back to my site? What will improve my rank? How do I create a community?
Drupal and wordpress logos
February 17, 2021

With so many choices for creating a professional website, it can be difficult to decide what method is right for you and your business goals. It can seem like there are endless software platforms available for anyone who wants to easily build a website.

clock and calendar
January 12, 2021
In the web world of Drupal, the plan for code updates shifted in 2020. Release and end of life dates for Drupal versions were shuffled and kicked further out.
graphic of person looking at large computer
January 4, 2021

When someone asks our team to look at a website, there is almost always a disclaimer.  Usually, a “don’t be too harsh” or “don’t spend too much time, just give me some quick thoughts.”  For the most part, we assume this means they do not want detailed review of their site - just some top line things noticed, without an explanation.  While this seems simple, it is something that our team is constantly trying to get better at doing.  

New version available
November 20, 2020
Drupal releases major and minor versions. In this scenario, major versions are like moving from straw to sticks to bricks, changing how your site is built. Minor updates, on the other hand, keep the current house infrastructure and fixtures up to date.
guy opening box of ideas
August 10, 2020
Good ideas are usually copied in on the web.  Often it can be seen as a compliment when someone copies what you do.
bored student looking at phone
July 20, 2020

When someone visits your website, you have to grab their attention right away if you want them to stick around and consume the content you are offering. In the past, we have always told our clients they have between thirty and sixty seconds to get a site visitor’s attention. If you don’t give visitors a reason to stay before that first minute is up, they’re gone (and they probably aren’t coming back).