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Pest Extermination Episode 2: Website bugs quiz!

In the last blog post we discussed some definitions of website bugs. Now that we have had plenty of dictionary work, let us go through some examples. Are you ready to take our Website Bug Awareness quiz?

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Pest Extermination Episode 1: Definitions related to website bugs

If you ever find yourself singing this song: “I found a bug, I found a bug, I found a bug HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!” …. And you are not exactly sure what to do now that you have found a bug on your website, this blog post is for you.

Bugs on your website are Little Rascals all their own. But first, let's slow this down and clarify some things here. Are we talking bugs as in Coccinella magnifica? Or are we talking bugs as in, “This hotel room is bugged, so do not repeat that super spy message I told you last week?” Or are we talking elusive and monstrously scary code bugs nibbling at your website?

Yep, we are talking code bugs on your website. But what is a code bug really?

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Friends in TV part 3: The Wow

A few years back, do you remember seeing a rainbow block pattern on the screen and hearing a static tone coming from your television set in between programs? That thing is a standard calibration test called SMPTE was issued by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. This broadcasting test was more important back in the analog days but it is still widely recognized. Very cleverly, the original graphic designer for the Friends in TV website took the SMPTE colors and incorporated them subtly into website design. Since Friends in TV is an online community for folks in the television industry, what brilliance to have such a play on TV Standards!

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Friends in TV Part 2: The New

Recently we made a few new additions to the Friends in TV Drupal website. Frist of all, the business model of Friends in TV was changing. Their online community was growing so fast that it was time for Friends in TV to harness additional funds. In the past, access to the Friends in TV Drupal website required a friend referral only. But Friends in TV felt that they needed to go the subscription model route with their website in order to keep thriving. 

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Friends in TV Part 1: The Many

Think of your favorite TV show. It did not just materialize suddenly from nowhere as an amazing production miraculously broadcast in the evenings for your entertainment. People had to actually write the story and create those episodes. What is more, your favorite show is probably not just actors talking and a camera guy rolling. There is likely an entire supporting crew of excellent people like lighting and audio techs, makeup and hair artists, wardrobe and set creators just to name a few. 

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Cron: A Not Too Technical Explanation

In many technical fields, jargon can be a hurdle. When entering the world of content management systems, even the word Drupal can seem new and strange. Here we will discuss cron: an important term in the web development world that can seem enigmatic.


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