An odd mixture of developer notes, project writings, and general observations
New version available
Drupal releases major and minor versions. In this scenario, major versions are like moving from straw to sticks to bricks, changing how your site is built. Minor updates, on the other hand, keep the current house infrastructure and fixtures up to date.
guy opening box of ideas
Good ideas are usually copied in on the web.  Often it can be seen as a compliment when someone copies what you do.
bored student looking at phone

When someone visits your website, you have to grab their attention right away if you want them to stick around and consume the content you are offering. In the past, we have always told our clients they have between thirty and sixty seconds to get a site visitor’s attention. If you don’t give visitors a reason to stay before that first minute is up, they’re gone (and they probably aren’t coming back).

ADA sign

If you have worked in any industry that has physical locations, you have probably at least heard of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.  When most people think of ADA compliance, they think of things like wheelchair accessibility and other facilities requirements. It’s natural to include ADA considerations in your brick and mortar locations, but have you ever thought about ADA compliance when it comes to your website? 

To do list

Content marketing or even marketing in general is a lot like telling a story.  You need a relevant subject and interesting anecdotes to accent your points. But more often than not, people do not associate a website's content with telling a story. 


Website projects can be BIG and the process can last what seems like a lifetime, but often that level of effort is needed to make sure the site is built correctly from the beginning.  At Covenant, we are planners. We make lists.  We think about what can go wrong and what we can do to correct. We also think about where we want to go and the best approach to get there.  We rely on our process, but with each client, there is a unique plan and often a completely unique Drupal build. 

Elbow Bump greeting

Think about the question above for a minute or two. When you first interact with a customer in person, what is the first thing they hear? Is there a specific script or instructions for your staff? Do you rely only on the friendliness of the staff to welcome customers or have you also set up your store in a manner that is inviting?

2020 cyber threats
The new cyber threats read like the script of a horror movie. 

Hackers are smart. And they're busy—generating 300,000 new malware attacks and hacking 30,000 websites daily.

Digital piracy solutions
Five steps to protect your digital content.  Arrggh, matey! There be pirates among us! Your blog content is valuable digital property, and digital pirates may be out to grab it. It's not uncommon for bloggers to discover their hard work reproduced—without permission, attribution, or a link—on someone else's site.

So let’s say your company has a new product launching. You need to promote the new brand on your Drupal website. What are some SEO tips for promoting your brand while the paint is still wet? Together, let’s walk through some SEO steps to promote your new brand online.

1. Expand the page title The first place to look on your website is to create new pages, (or find existing content) that belong to the brand. Once you have done that, we will begin with recommendations for page titles.