An odd mixture of developer notes, project writings, and general observations.

Using Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is a relatively new e-commerce framework. As someone with significant Ubercart experience, I was initially reluctant to use Commerce, however, now that I have worked with it I think that it is a good module with a great approach. By leveraging views, rules and entities, everything fits much better into Drupal, and in particular Drupal 7 paradigm.

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Custom title for front homepage in Drupal 6 and 7

For the homepage of I wanted to have a custom page title.  The obvious answer to this was the nifty Page Title module which I have used with great success in the past.

However, in this case it just seemed like overkill as I only wanted the homepage title customized.

It is not very tough to do which is handy.  Using Sivaji's post on "How to set [a] custom page title in Drupal 7" as a starting place, it only took a moment.  Here is the resulting code snippet:

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Linking a Field Collection Image using a Link Field

For the homepage of the soon-to-launch, I wanted to make an easy way for editors to keep the homepage updated.  There are a lot of ways to do this, but in this case I used a Field Collection on a specific content type to allow them to add images and links.

However, making the Image field link to the Link field's URL was a chore.  Here are the quick steps:

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DrupalCon Session Review: View Modes: The Many Faces of Your Content

This session talks about View Modes.  Not to be confused with the Views module, View Modes are different types of displays for you content.  The most common example is the Default and Teaser view modes that you get out of the box with Drupal nodes.  The great part about view modes is that you can create the display once and reused it all over your site.

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Website Revamp Showcase: DSP Concepts

Recently we were able to partner with our longtime friends at DSP Concepts to revitalize and revamp their existing Drupal website. So what is the scoop? To begin discussing this project, first let me introduce DSP Concpets.

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