An odd mixture of developer notes, project writings, and general observations.

DrupalCon Session Review: Delivering Drupal

This session dives deep into how large web development shops handle deployment of websites that see heavy traffic.  In talks a lot about the concept of continuous delivery.  The talk is somewhat of an overview of a wide range of topics, but it provides a ton of helpful information and starting places to begin building out your companies website deployment strategy.  The talk covers three basic topics: development workflows, testing, deployment.

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DrupalCon Session Review: Views for Developers

This session provides a good overview of Views and especially understanding Views 3 after working with Views 2.  The video shows a bunch of the features of Views that people might miss.  These features can be really handy in more specialized Views configurations.  The session also gives a quick overview of how to extend Views to add support for any specialized case that you might run into with your specific Drupal site.

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DrupalCon Session Review: Creating Responsive and Mobile-First Drupal Themes

Ever wondered how to make your website look good on a smartphone while also looking really nice on a desktop monitor?  Responsive CSS is the answer.  In the past websites would handle this problem by setting up a completely separate version of the website for mobile devices.  However, doing this takes a lot of extra work and does provide the ideal experience for users of all of the different mobile devices out there with different screen resolutions.

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Remove/change Omega's viewport meta tag on user-set pages

Omega sets the viewport meta tag to something like this by default when you enable (it is enabled by default) the "Allow customizing viewport meta properties on iOS and Android devices" checkbox under Appearance > Settings for your Omega sub-theme.  With this checked, Omega prints out a meta tag like this in the <head> section of the pages on your site:

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