An odd mixture of developer notes, project writings, and general observations.

The Drupal Community Do-Ocracy

According to Merriam-Webster, suffix –ocracy, or –cracy, is wrapped up with political connotation. From social classes, government styles, or social constructs –cracy is a suffix for organizing societies and leadership forms. So what does –cracy have to do with websites and Drupal?

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OSMM: Medical Missions to Haiti

Let me introduce you to One Spirit Medical Missions (OSMM.) OSMM consists of several teams of medical professionals that travel to Haiti to provide medical care to people in rural communities. OSMM teams make several trips a year to several towns to run medical clinics and provide needed prescription medicines. It’s all about providing medical care for people that cannot afford it. But that is not all! At OSMM, they help match interested Haitians with healthcare training. So, OSMM works to meet both current medical needs as well as prepare for the future of Haitian healthcare. This is especially important because there are not enough nurses and physicians currently in Haiti.

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Wow! Arbor Creek Animal Hospital

Say hello to one of the newest website updates on the internet! We just launched a brand new website for Arbor Creek Animal Hospital located in Olathe, Kansas. This website is a really neat one because we got to add several specific features that really make this site pop! In this blog I am going to review a few of the features. But first, here is an intro to the project.

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Drupal Omega grid size reference (with PSDs)

With our first large-scale responsive Omega-based website close to launching, and the second project about to start, it was time to refine the graphic design process and make it Omega-friendly.  Some important numbers to get started:

Table 1: Default Alpha grid sizing for Omega theme

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Lotus Moments Event Center Website

The Lotus Moments Event Center, located in Des Moines, Iowa is located in a historic building in downtown. The Event Center is very spacious as it has room for three hundred guests to enjoy a sit down meal. Equipped with full catering kitchen and dance floor, the Lotus Moments Event Center is idea for parties ranging from weddings and reunions to any special occasion. We recently had the pleasure of revamping the Lotus Moments Event Center website.

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