Website Design

In Case of Emergency: Being Prepared Ahead of Time

Even if you are prepared, unforeseen events can happen. Anticipating problems and mitigating risks are part of any project, including web design. Unpredictable events can sneak up, even with proper due diligence and best practice procedures in place. These unexpected circumstances can affect the project outcome. Fortunately, with proper procedure and adequate process, true emergencies are extremely rare when working with a qualified web development team.

10 Tips to Improve Your Website

Your website is likely going to provide the first impressions you make with your customers. When you have guests come over to your home for the first time, your goal is to make a great first impression right? You wouldn’t host people for dinner if the house is a mess, and you didn’t have food prepared would you? The same goes for your websiteYou want the website to be an asset for your business towards increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and bolstering sales. Here are 10 tips to improve your website: