Mistakes Junior UX Designers Make Pt.2

Today we are here with part 2 tips for junior designers and people getting into UX. We are going to share the last 5 mistakes that junior designers make. If you know what not to do then you have the ability to do the opposite and you can do better.

1. Not Challenging Stakeholders: Normally the stakeholders are not user experience designs and they will have opinions or recommendations on how you should do your work. If you become a yes man and do exactly what they tell you to do then you will most likely steer away from UX practices. You should advocate for your design process and what you believe should be done, give a little push back.

2. Ignoring Soft Skills: Most designers spend 100% of their time on mastering technical skills, which is fine that is what makes great designers. However you can never give up on learning the soft skills as well. Communication, emotional intelligence, empathy, are all critical skills that UX designers need to master.

3. Not Reading Enough or Reading Too Much: The ideal space is right in the middle to learn enough to apply. I think the best place is to find a problem and find the solution and read in the middle about ways to solve the problem.

4. Don’t Over Glorify UX: While UX is very important and is critical food good design, it is also just one aspect of the overall picture. You are just one aspect of the overall picture so the other elements are equally important to fulfilling a great product or service.

5. Not Engaging with Enough Users: Simply jumping from ideas to ideation without gaining enough or any at all real user data will easily destroy a product or service. You must engage with users as much as possible to get the most data to put into experience.

The challenges designers face don't really change, it doesn't matter the seniority, so these mistakes and tips can be applied for anyone's career development.

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