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Sometimes a company’s needs can outgrow their website. ABA Technologies, an educational agency, saw great potential with eLearning and helpful books. They needed their website to complement the next phase of growth and help execute their strategy for online learning. ABA Technologies knew their digital presence was going to have to keep up with their ambitious plans. 


The existing website was limiting the company's ability to expand their online offering. The website did not have a complete online store. Content was disorganized and the search function led to a poor user experience. ABA Technologies could sell a few products, but part of the expansion plan was to offer new books and provide high quality eLearning courses. A robust eCommerce solution that could integrate with third party systems was going to be a major requirement.

ABA Technologies needed more control over their collection of content, especially with the way their content was organized. There were extra animations in the design and the site suffered from slow loading times. Mobile responsive issues with content were common, making the site difficult to use on mobile devices.

Our Role

Covenant Design partnered with ABA Technologies to help solve the website problems they were experiencing. At the start, we worked together to finish setting up the original online store and to solve the mobile responsive problems on the existing website. Working together at this stage allowed us to understand the full trajectory of what ABA Technologies was needing in order to expand their digital presence. We developed a strategy early on to plan major integrations and restructure the content. The initial understanding we gained from working together on the existing website allowed us to grasp the deliverables necessary for ABA Technologies to expand their services. 


The solution for ABA Technologies had two phases. The first step was to finish setting up the eCommerce portion of the existing website. The second step was to build the new website in Drupal. Due to the scope and custom integrations such as Moodle for eLearning and Avalara and AvaTax for taxes, Drupal was the preferred content management system (CMS) for this project.

Along with the change in CMS, ABA Technologies launched several new products as the new site was being built. To help support the growing store, we created a custom organization system to group products. Our team built-in an integrated and intuitive search index, which uses common tag structures allowing for a more efficient process. The eCommerce site now offers a host of new products including books, flash cards, and continuing education courses, along with fun products like mugs.

Today, ABA Technologies has the power to manage their extensive content library. We migrated over classic content types like press releases and videos, and added podcasts, eBooks, webinars, and infographics for their audience.

With such a complex website, we provided in-depth training so that the team at ABA Technologies could easily understand and use the new Drupal website.


ABA Technologies has a new website with a suite of new features. The site loads much faster with a streamlined mobile responsive design. Furthermore, ABA Technologies has tailored content types that fit perfectly to promote their unique products. The website also has a podcast along with integration into ABA’s Learning Management System. The store has been expanded and even simplifies workflows by integrating with print on demand suppliers. Administrators have access to custom store reports allowing them to move orders easily through the fulfillment workflow and see sales trend data over time.

ABA Technologies now has a website that can positively impact their brand and aid in promoting their educational services.