Website Revamp Showcase: DSP Concepts

Recently we were able to partner with our longtime friends at DSP Concepts to revitalize and revamp their existing Drupal website. So what is the scoop? To begin discussing this project, first let me introduce DSP Concpets.

DSP Concepts is an innovative leader in Digital Signal Processing. They specialize in embedded audio processing. From custom algorithm design, to high end consumer stereos and professional audio systems, to large scale consumer electronics, DSP Concepts handles all things embedded audio. One crucial item of note is that DSP Concepts is the developer of the extremely powerful Audio Weaver software. And believe me, Audio Weaver is a big deal. What original equipment manufacturer, original device manufacturer, or silicon chip producer would not want to cut their audio software development time and audio processing costs by ninety percent? Sounds perfect to me.

DSP Concepts already had a Drupal website, but it needed a great deal of updating as we were not the original developers of their website. However, we were able to whip this site into shape by polishing up the following items:

1) Updating permissions: Do you have a Drupal website but your web developer did not set it up so you can edit most of the content on the website yourself? If so, that is an issue that you need to address. Drupal at its core is a permissions based content management system. That means different levels of users can change and update different things on the website. DSP Concepts had this problem! They had a Drupal site that they could not edit themselves! (Remember, we did not build this site originally.) Even though this was probably one of the simplest things for us to fix, it was probably the most important thing that we took care of in the DSP Concepts website revamp. At Covenant Design, we make sure that our clients can edit the vast majority of content on their Drupal websites to their hearts content. What is more, we teach our clients how. 

2) Adding features: Once we got the permissions issue straightened out, we were able to add several neat features onto the DSP Concepts website to increase functionality. This included a rotating banner of images on the home page and a quick reference video gallery. We also added four “Find your Value” pages because it was important that DSP Concepts be able to reach a wide variety of audiences at once with their website. This is because the services that DSP Concepts provides can fit into any step of product development. Their services are applicable for front end developers, back end audio managers, and everything in between.

3) Design Refresh: We cleaned up the inside of the website and added features, but we did not stop there with this website revamp. We were also able to provide graphic design services to help freshen up the DSP Concepts website. In addition, we made some more technical layout changes. We tweaked and corrected many small graphical errors that had preexisted on the website by editing the existing CSS (cascading style sheets.) CSS is the code comprises the “look” of the website. By helping with graphic design as well as correcting theme code errors, we were able to brush up the appearance of the DSP Concepts website greatly.

Being kind of a sound junkie myself, it was my personal delight to work with DSP Concepts to update their website.  I got an inside glimpse into what is involved in exceptional audio processing to produce that ever exquisite audio experience that I personally enjoy so much.

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