Every Website Matters

This one might even save a life!
At Covenant, we do more than just build websites.

We believe that every website should have a goal. So we ask questions to help you define what success looks like for your site. What process will it simplify? What problem will it solve?

That goal becomes our focus. Our top priority.

For one of our current projects, that goal is to save lives.

We're honored to be working on our second contract with the State of Iowa, developing a site for the Iowa Department of Public Health. Iowa's trained, licensed professionals are ready to help people with addictions to alcohol, drugs, or gambling and to assist with suicide prevention. But they have to know who needs help.

That's where we come in.

We're building as website to make it easy for someone needing help to connect to those who can give it. That's the goal.

Could a code snippet save a life?

We think it might.

We've included the usual contact features: Click-to-call. Click-to-email. But what about the person who won't or can't safely speak aloud? What about the person who doesn't or won't use email? Solving problems means knowing your audience. Anticipating problems.

So we added something else. Something new:  A code snippet that allows a user to click-to-text. Texting may be more familiar, more comfortable. Someone who wouldn't email or couldn't call might send a text.

It's a very small thing—just a few lines of code—the kind of tech stuff that developers share . . .

But it's why we keep learning and stay on top of our game. That little snippet might be just enough to achieve the goal for one person . . . one life.

That's good enough for us.

What's YOUR goal? Contact us and find out how we can help.

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