Character-Filled Care by April

Our most recent project, a fantastic new website for Care by April out of Ankeny, Iowa, is a website with a lot of character. One reason for that is Care by April is a non-medical home care company that serves Des Moines and its suburbs like Altoona, Ames, and Beaverdale. Care by April specializes in helping folks with all sorts of services including personal care, companionship, transportation, and respite/overnight care. The caregivers will also assist in basic home cleanup. Care by April serves people of all ages who need some help with their own special routine. I would say that the caregivers at Care by April are like super family members who are specially trained in tender loving care. They are pros.

Elements that bring character into the website design for Care by April are the photos found on the services page. The services page on the website is linked to the rotating home page banner. These two pages on the website have some fun classic photos for each of the services they specialize in. This clever link between images and text is a highly effective method of picture and text association.

Another main element that I want to highlight on this website is the testimonials page. Too often I visit a website that has a testimonials page but it is empty! Here on the new Care by April website, there are many client accounts and recommendations by client’s family members. As Care by April is a specialized care giving company, the evidence of professional and loving care is weighty. On the testimonials page of the website, there are two tabs at the top of the page one each for Client testimonials and words of family members.

In both of the categories on these pages, each text blurb has a “read more” button that expands the particular testimony. Then that button turns into a “read less” button to minimize that entry. I appreciate this expansion feature that was incorporated into the website design for two important reasons. Firstly, by making the testimonial entries on the website expandable, it adds interactive interest to the website. The “read more” button allows the user to open a text blurb and continue a particular conversation. Secondly, this maximize/minimize feature helps keep the page organized and more succinct looking. If all the text blurbs were already expanded on the website then the page would be very long and users would be less likely to brose though them due to length.

Well, I have highlighted some of the main features of the new Care by April website. I am excited to see the character-filled website off the ground and live!

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