Books Every Product Designer MUST Read

Are you a Product Designer and are you looking to start your journey in this industry? We give an overview of the four books you need to read to become a better Product Designer! 

1. Sprint by Jake Knapp - This book teaches young designers how to run a design sprint. A design sprint is a one week process from going from an idea to a user tested prototype. This book is so concrete and there are plenty of real life examples. It is a very easy to digest book, very entertaining and a necessity of all designers!

2. Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis - This is one of the most powerful books for a Product Designer. This book is for people who want to make an impact in their business, specifically their growth in a company as a designer. This book walks you through how to design a growth team and how to run growth experiments. Overall a breakdown on growth hacking experiments.

3.The Power of Moments by Chip & Dan Heath - The whole premise is that there are moments of your lives that impact us, either good or bad. Quite often these moments of impact are typically by chance. The author discusses in this book the theory that these powerful moments can actually be created for your customers. They talk about concepts and ideas on how to make moments from your company “sticky” where they stay with the client for a long period of time and something they would tell others about. The book is a very honest approach in creating good experiences.

4. Radical Candor by Kim Scott - This book is really good for anyone who is a manager or has a manager. This advice comes from the author's days of working in Apple and her experience working in a diamond cutting factory. The basic premise of this book is how to learn to talk to people in a very honest way. How to be better managers and ways to learn the understanding from our managers. 

These books are almost necessities for any designer before getting deep in their career. These books will definitely vary on level of importance based on the reader, but they all have a powerful core message. Let us know if you ever read these books and feel free to reach out to us for any of your design needs and questions!

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