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For smaller businesses websites are often treated like billboards. They provide the basic information needed and give users contact information to find out more. As the world changes, digital interactions are quickly outpacing everything else and PipeMonkey Plumbing found they needed to revamp their digital presence. 


PipeMonkey Plumbing had been using the same website for the last ten years. While it contained the information they needed to relay to potential customers, it was outdated and they had little control over updating the content. The website was also not built responsively. It adjusted some for different screens, but overall the user experience on the site was poor. 

Old pipemonkey site 1old pipemonkey site 2


Covenant has worked with PipeMonkey Plumbing for a few years now and we stepped in to help with the site. Working with them allowed us a good understanding of their client base and the needs of their website. We were able to serve as facilitators and help them bring their website into a modern system. We were also able to better organize their content and make the site more user friendly. 


The first part of our solution was to build the site using a modern Content Management System (CMS). The old site was built on Joomla and had limited capabilities. We installed the newest version of Wordpress which gave them considerably more control over the content. We also provided training to make sure they knew how to keep their site updated.  

Along with the new site came a refreshed design that was designed for all devices. Now the site will respond to different sized screens and any user will be able to consume the content. 

Finally, in a review of their old website we noticed several American Disabilities Act (ADA) violations. While building the new site we were able to address these issues and train the client on how to prevent them moving forward. 

new pipemonkey site 2


PipeMonkey Plumbing has a new, more efficient site. It now responds to different devices and ensures the content can be consumed. The client can update and change any page on the site through an easy to use CMS. They also have full control over their forms to be able to track any new business leads and respond promptly.  

Overall we were able to deliver a modern site and give PipeMonkey Plumbing the keys to a powerful digital marketing tool. 

new pipemonkey site 1new pipemonkey site 3