MWResource Analytics Partnership

Data is everywhere. According to Seagate, within the next five years, each person will walk by or interact with smart or internet connected devices 4,800 times each day. While that is a bit creepy in its own right, the amount of data created with each interaction is overwhelming and exciting. 

Websites are no different. Each interaction, whether on your site or in a Google search, can tell you something about the users who are coming to the site. However, it can be overwhelming to see all of the data and know how to weed through it to find the relevant nuggets. 


MWResource is no stranger to data. They work with utilities’ electrical grid systems, designing, implementing, and maintaining hundreds of thousands of data points relevant to the successful operation of the system. However, interpreting the data available for designing and maintaining their website was like learning a different language. Understanding data is key to MWResource improving its digital presence. 

Our role

We love data, especially digital marketing and website statistics. In situations like this, our role is three fold. We organize, we research, and more often than not, we serve as a coach to teach the team how to interpret the data and make decisions. 


The first step in any data process is aggregating and organizing the data. With a website you typically have input coming in from multiple sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Adwords campaigns, and even pixel tracking. With this much data, it needs to be organized into a consumable format. 

data dashboard

We utilize Google Data Studio for organization. It allows us to create a dashboard with real time data that MWResource can review at any time of the day. 

The primary goal of the dashboard is to highlight relevant statistics for MWResource. While stats like hits, pageviews, or users can be valuable information, at Covenant we know that every website has a specific goal. Certain data is more significant than others to build a strategic plan to achieve that goal. We focus on the statistics relevant to our clients’ goals. Knowing that MWResource had 1,000 visitors in a week is a great statistic, but if the users only stayed on the site for 3 seconds, those visitors do not move MWResource closer to its goals. 

Data can be overwhelming. Distilling it into a quick and easy format  allows stakeholders to make decisions faster and more easily. Identifying and explaining the key performance indicators (KPI) like Quality Visits to MWResource was one of the most important aspects of this project. 


We built a customized dashboard for MWResource that focuses on the metrics that matter. We worked with them to help them understand what was important and what stats should be reviewed on a regular basis. 

data dashboard

Each month we get together to talk through the stats from the previous month and make changes to the strategic plan when the data guides us that way. MWResource now has the systems in place to create a detailed content strategy that delivers dynamic content they know their audience wants!