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Diamond Vogel About us

We have built a suite of Drupal websites for Diamond Vogel including six Drupal 8 websites under the brand umbrella. This project demonstrates our attention to design details and excellent front end theme testing.
This website features a robust search tool complete with PDF search to best support users in finding targeted information about products. This project also has an PDF library where documents are managed and stored in one place in order to share data sheet files across multiple sites.

Other features within the Diamond Vogel suite of Drupal websites include:

  • Editable animated layouts
  • Full screen videos
  • Distribution of custom Drupal modules written for commonalities between sites
  • Document Repository for technical documents and product specification sheets
  • Career pages with links to expanded information about open positions
  • E-Commerce for online paint sales

We have built and support many websites for Diamond Vogel on the Drupal platform: