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Websites can be an issue for just about any company.  Far too often, we hear stories of a developer that went AWOL or one who promised something, but in the end could not get it done.  Diamond Vogel has been around since 1926 delivering custom paint solutions for home and industry.  Their mission, to exceed customer's expectations by delivering a quality solution still rings true in their business today. 

However, the world is much different from 1926 and to continue to fulfill their mission they needed a website that would help them deliver in today's market. 


While there can be challenges with any website, Diamond Vogel had a few specifics they were facing. First, their website was built in Drupal, but they had been working with developers who did not have a great deal of experience with the system.  They needed sites that would match their brand and deliver the service their customers needed.  In addition, there are unique challenges facing a parent company who operates many different entities under one umbrella.  

We needed to deliver a website that was easy to manage and matched the beauty and efficiency of the Diamond Vogel brand. 

Our Role

As with most websites, our main role is development.  However, the Diamond Vogel project was unique for a few reasons.  First, a lot of the website was already in existence, it just needed some Drupal expertise.  Second, Diamond Vogel has an in-house team responsible for marketing and design.  We needed to work with them to make the look come alive.  Finally, we were there to be web experts for any digital challenges that Diamond Vogel faced. 


The first step, was good code.  Getting into the site and figuring out where things needed to be improved.  Once we had a solid structure in place we were able to move on to building out the rest of the functionality. 

Adding in full screen videos on the home page and background animations allowed us to make the site more dynamic. We also needed to address a sales tax issue that was created by a Supreme Court ruling in 2018.  Our team worked with Diamond Vogel to incorporate Avalara into the site allowing the system to calculate and apply sales taxes.

As a parent company Diamond Vogel had many different entities operating underneath its umbrella.  The mini sites needed to have the same url structure, but operate independently.  Our team was able to come up with an inventive solution that made management of these entities considerably more efficient.  The mini sites under the umbrella are setup to all share the same Drupal code base and the team implemented a complex system of web directories that tied the entire system together.  

Finally, we were able to setup a website for internal use to manage Diamond Vogel documentation.  This allowed admins to be able to update documents in one place. In addition, the system was setup to maintain URL structure of the documents so no websites would contain broken links. 


Our partnership with diamond Vogel continues and we are in the process of adding more functionality.  However, the umbrella site and mini sites are all running efficiently.  At Covenant, our goal is to deliver a website that is a resource for your customers and a tool for your staff.  Take a look at some of the results from our work with Diamond Vogel below.

https://www.diamondvogel.com/home/ - This is the main website or umbrella site for Diamond Vogel. 

https://www.diamondvogel.com/shop/powder/ -  This is the ecommerce website for one of Diamond Vogel's entities. 


 - These are two mini sites we did for Diamond Vogel

https://www.vogeltraffic.com/ - A custom site for one of Diamond Vogel's entities. 

Other features within the Diamond Vogel suite of Drupal websites include:

  • Editable animated layouts
  • Full screen videos
  • Distribution of custom Drupal modules written for commonalities between sites
  • Document Repository for technical documents and product specification sheets
  • Career pages with links to expanded information about open positions
  • E-Commerce for online paint sales

We have built and support many websites for Diamond Vogel on the Drupal platform: