Country Landscapes

The proof is in the pudding.

Country Landscapes offers high-end landscape design services to corporate clients like Wells Fargo as well as premier residential clients. Extending the Country brand is Country Stonemasons. Country Stonemasons creates impressive stone sculptures to accent interior as well as landscape designs.
Working with a very design-conscious market, the Country Landscapes website needed to be beautiful in it's simplicity. Equally important, they needed a way to keep the website up to date with their latest completed jobs, news and specials. The updates had to be easy because everyone from the secretaries to the founding partners would be making updates. Finally, they needed a site for Country Stonemasons that kept the brand consistent.
We created a fresh design for Country Landscapes that embodied modern design principles (including a beautiful slideshow featuring their latest work). The website was built with our Content Management System, Drupal, so editing the site has been smooth sailing for everyone at Country Landscapes. Instead of building a new website from scratch for Country Stonemasons, we used a multi-site installation of Drupal so that both sites could run on the same code base. This allows us to make code updates in one place that are automatically reflected on both websites - saving significant time and money for Country Landscapes.
We used a "fixed" background effect on the site to highlight a real Country Landscapes design blueprint. You'll notice the content moves as you scroll on the page, but the background stays fixed in place. When Country Landscapes saw this, it was certainly a "Wow!" moment.