Content with MWResource

Content is king, right? However, keeping the content on a website relevant and fresh can be a time consuming and challenging prospect. High quality content keeps people coming back to your site. Aligning yourself as a resource in the industry can also greatly improve your SEO, but starting down that path can be daunting. 


MWResource has had a website for quite a few years. While it has had some changes made to it over the years, the content has never been a focal point. We needed to work with MWResource to develop a plan to ensure content was high quality and updated regularly in order to position them as an industry leader. 

Our role

The first part of our role was to review the current content on the site. Our team went through every word and every image. We clicked every link and we watched every available video. This allowed us to get an understanding for the baseline of the content.  

Additionally, we worked with MWResource to understand their website goals i.e. Who are they trying to attract? What message are they trying to get across to potential clients?

Finally, we sat down with MWResource to plan for a new website and their content moving forward.


The main part of the solution is to build a new website for MWResource and that is something we are working through with them right now. However, while that is in progress we also worked with their team to develop a plan for the short term. 

Posting content can be a time consuming process, so we worked with MWResource to identify key content topics and then developed a content calendar. The calendar was shared amongst their team and specifically lays out what content needs to be created, when it needs to be created, and when/where it should be posted once it is created. Regular content plays a key role in website traffic and knowing that the next six months of content is planned allows MWResource to focus on their broader goals. 

content calendar


New content is being developed and a new website is in the works. Traffic on the site has increased as better content has been added. One of the goals was to increase engagement and time spent on the website. Improved content has led to an increased average session duration and better engagement with MWResource’s social channels. The data can show what content your users are interested in consuming. Content is a consistent challenge for websites, but when a detailed plan is created for content, it can make managing your website less of a burden.