Children's Outreach Solutions

The proof is in the pudding.

House of Faith Ministries is a non-profit organization in San Angelo, Texas, that exists to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to neighborhood children. House of Faith has written creative lesson sets that focus on different Bible stories and use them in their own Backyard Bible Clubs. Children's Outreach Solutions, a facet of House of Faith, is a source for the public to have access to the training, curriculum, and resources that House of Faith has developed. So Children's Outreach Solutions is just that - a solution for creative and effective children's outreach for Bible clubs, children's church, and Sunday school classes.
Well Children's Outreach Solutions could not update their old website themselves. Over time they had developed several new Bible Lesson sets and they could not update their store with the new curriculum. Furthermore, they have ongoing training in formation that needs to be updated overtime, and they could not do that either. So the old website became very outdated and was not a useful tool for them anymore.
For Children's Outreach Solutions, a new website was the solution! The new website is budding with features: A video and photo gallery, a blog, informational pages, and the customized online store tailored specifically to their curriculum products are a few examples.