Arbor Creek Animal Hospital

The proof is in the pudding.

Arbor Creek Animal Hospital is a veterinary clinic located in Olathe, Kansas. This clinic has a very professional and upbeat atmosphere. They approach pet health with the best of modern veterinary medicine but also bring a unique holistic approach to their practice. From cats, dogs, to lizards and other exotic animals, Arbor Creek is the place for pet care in Olathe, Kansas.
Well, the reason for the new website was mainly 2 fold for Arbor Creek. 1) The Animal Hospital recently moved to a new location. With this move, they brought a fresh look and feel to their new office space. From those updates, the need arose for the website to reflect the new modern and fun look. 2) As with so many other cases, the old Arbor Creek site was un-editable. The folks at Arbor Creek could not make updates or changes to the text or images on the website themselves. This was another element that contributed to the need for a new website.
With the Arbor Creek Animal Hospital website we were able to bring the balance of design and functionality to the forte. We chose a look that matched the new clinic’s feel and then we added special features to make the website a true complement for the business. A few highlights of this project are the extensive services pages, the custom “case of the month” area for featured pets, and the testimonials utility. And Arbor Creek can make updates to the site whenever they like! What a dream come true!