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Increase Drupal cron running time without hacking core

"Cron run exceeded the time limit and was aborted."

Most of the Drupal posts on this deal with a module that has a problem which causes cron to run for too long. I want to have cron run long intentionally.

For a client's site we need to do some fairly major calculations during the nighttime when cron runs. These are going to take well over 30 minutes per cron run.

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Should I give customers discounts?

When a client is upset, what is a business owner's first instinct? Giving a discount.

  • Canceling your contract with AT&T? "Can we offer you a discount to keep your business?" (wait, you mean I have been overpaying this whole time!?!)
  • Bad food at a good chain? "The meal is on us."
  • Website down or delayed? "We won't charge you for this work."

The trouble is, giving discounts can mask a greater problem. As a business owner, I need to pause, take a step back and ask two hard questions.



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