Wow! Arbor Creek Animal Hospital

Say hello to one of the newest website updates on the internet! We just launched a brand new website for Arbor Creek Animal Hospital located in Olathe, Kansas. This website is a really neat one because we got to add several specific features that really make this site pop! In this blog I am going to review a few of the features. But first, here is an intro to the project.

The folks at Arbor Creek Animal Hospital wanted a new website that would match the look and feel of their clinic so that their online presence would better reflect the flavor of their business as a whole. Unity of physical and virtual presence was a big goal for this website development project. In addition, Arbor Creek Animal Hospital needed a website that they could update and use to their full advantage as a marketing tool.

For this site, we have some awesome basic features like the gallery, Facebook feed, and the blog. But I wanted to focus on 3 of the features that are special to the Arbor Creek site and that really deliver a lot of “wow” factor to this website.

Testimonials Feature: The first custom feature on the Arbor Creek Animal Hospital website that I want to talk about is the Testimonials page. We have setup the testimonials page to display different entries about people’s experiences with Arbor Creek Animal Hospital. A nice list of good testimonials on your website is an excellent thing to have for potential customers to read. However, the thing that makes the testimonials feature on the Arbor Creek website special, is that we have built a testimonial submission form where users can submit their own story about their pets and Arbor Creek Animal Hospital. Once a testimony is submitted, the staff at Arbor Creek receive an email with the new testimony. Then they can review and upload the new testimony entry on the website themselves. Now another neat thing about the testimonial feature on the Arbor Creek website is that we have configured a random testimonial to display at the bottom of each page! This is an awesome way for Arbor Creek to convey their priority to provide outstanding care and build great customer relationships.

Case of the Month Feature: This feature is kind of its own little mini-blog on the website for a particular featured pet case of the month. This is special because a particular animal and their story can be shared and highlighted as the year goes on. The folks at Arbor Creek come across many adventures as part of their daily routine. From rescued baby birds to giant tortoises, there is rarely a dull day at the animal hospital. The case of the month feature is a neat element to be able to share specific stories, put the spot light on amazing pets, and their fantastic owners. Also the case of the month has an archive so that previously featured pet owners can still access their stories on the website for future reference.

Services Page: Finally, I want to talk about the services page of the Arbor Creek Animal Hospital website. Arbor Creek has an “integrative approach” when it comes to pet health. This approach encompasses an awesome balance of traditional medicine such as modern pharmaceuticals, labs, and procedures in conjunction with holistic care options such as laser therapy, acupuncture, and herbal therapy.  Arbor Creek takes great care to address the overall health of the pet by identifying and treating the root cause of issues, not just the surface level symptoms. To that end, we really needed an extensive place to provide information for people that visit the Arbor Creek Animal Hospital website. Arbor Creek has all these great veterinary services and we needed a place to feature them all! Thus, the services pages were born. We have organized this section of the website with a landing page that lists all of the different services offered by Arbor Creek, each with a picture and small caption. Then each of the services has its own expanded page where more information on each topic can be viewed. We took this 2 tiered approach to organizing the services because we had so much content that we needed to provide for site visitors. Arbor Creek wanted to be sure to communicate all about the treatments and services they offer.

And the best thing? The folks at Arbor Creek Animal Hospital can update blogs, pages, galleries, staff information, services, even the home page banner, all by themselves. We love to build websites that can be the online clay in your hands to meet the needs of your business. It was our joy and pleasure to step alongside Arbor Creek Animal Hospital and make their website needs and dreams a reality. 

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