Why You Should be Active on Social Media

In the modern day, you and your business need to be using social media. We here at Covenant have curated a list on why your business should get an online presence with social media!

1. Social media is a great way of promoting your content

Content not only attracts customers but also helps with your website's SEO. By increasing your awareness of new blogs on your social media channels, you should be able to double to triple the amount of traffic to your current website. Social media when used with very high quality content creation is an amazing way to bring in new customers. It also help you build report and authority over your area of expertise!

2. Social media drives brand building & differentiation

Social media makes it simple to bring brand awareness and grow your business’s brand identity. It is to establish a personality for your brand and give your business an actual voice that people and customers can relate to. Setting forth an emotional level and personality are effective ways of helping your brand stand out competitors.

3. Social media helps you keep customers engaged

Social media is a fantastic way of keeping your business in the minds of your customers and competitors. This means you can influence decision making and nourish customer loyalty to encourage repeat business.

4. Social media helps increase trust in your business or brand

With alternatives to choose from, customers are often overwhelmed and want easy ways to verify a business validity. Are they trustworthy, credible, reliable, do they make quality products? Seeing that you are active on social media helps to fill potential customers with trust and signals that you do care about them and if anything was to go wrong, your customers can contact you.

5. Social media allows you to obtain real customer insights

The data received from customer insights can drive development of social media campaigns and shape some of the strategic decisions that are made to better create your website content and products. This will make products and services seem more attractive to customers. Social media makes it quick and easy to obtain feedback from customers, which one can use to better their products by addressing what is working and what isn’t.

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