Web Site or Web Solution?

Which word best describes your web presence:

     site—noun, place or location
     solution—noun, answer to a problem

We think you deserve a web solution, not just a site.

A great web solution is like a puzzle. The pieces are made of superior web development combined with top quality hosting services. If a piece is missing, your web solution will be incomplete. Some part of the problem will remain unsolved. But when all the pieces come together and the puzzle is complete, both you and your customers receive the greatest possible benefit.

That's why we've chosen to host the sites we develop on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers features common to enterprise class implementations at prices that save money for our clients.

Here's an example:

We are just finishing a large e-commerce solution for a company that sells high-end designer jewelry. Each piece is individually crafted and unique. Below are just a few of the challenges we faced in developing their web solution and how hosting with AWS helped us solve them.

1. Challenge: Traffic and transactions increase over 10 times (1000%) at two times of the year: Christmas and Valentine's Day. The company has been paying exorbitant hosting costs to maintain bandwidth levels needed only two months of the year.

Solution: AWS offers Auto-Scaling that automatically grows and shrinks your capacity by dynamically adding additional web servers (really cool!) to meet traffic fluctuations. You pay only for the resources you need and use. By setting up hosting on AWS, we're helping our client save thousands of dollars each year!

2. Challenge: Customers for this company are located all over the world. Searching through the hundreds of unique pieces must be fast and effortless, even for customers using older, slower computers and network connections. Speed is essential for a great experience that keeps users online, engaged, and moving through the sales funnel.

Solution: Our developers implemented a progressive enhancement, AJAX infinite scrolling, to reduce page load times and improve customer experience. They also developed robust product filtering so customers can broaden or tightly focus their search.

These solutions are enhanced by another AWS hosting feature: the AWS Cloudfront Global Content Distribution Network (CDN) offers the simultaneous hosting of website content at edge locations across the country and around the world. AWS Cloudfront literally places the website content at locations that are physically closer to the client's customer base, which significantly improves the load time for sites with rich page content. Our development enhancements, combined with the CDN's improved geographic proximity and AWS Cloudfront's ability to reduce page load times, improve customer experience. Research has shown that these improvements increase customers' time spent on the page, which in turn leads to increased sales.

3. Challenge: All ecommerce solutions face the ongoing issues of protecting company data and customer information. Our developers can implement all of Drupal's security protocols and can make sure your web solution complies with all HIPPA and CPI standards. But secure development must be partnered with secure hosting.

Solution: AWS provides powerful security solutions. One example is the firewall illustrated in this diagram from an AWS whitepaper. A second example is that with AWS hosting, we can develop a dual-server setup. One is a web-facing server. The other is the database server, which stays behind the firewall for increased security and does not talk to the Internet at all. By hosting on AWS, we have more control to implement features that make sure our clients' web solutions are protected from vicious attacks including DDos attacks, MITM attacks, IT spoofing, port scanning, and packet sniffing—to name just a few.

These are just a few of the many ways that our development and AWS hosting provide outstanding solutions for our clients.

We develop solutions.

When we start a new development project, we ask a lot of questions. The most important question is this: "What problem(s) or challenge(s) are you trying to solve?" Our goal is to make sure that your web solution is truly a solution—not just a site.

Give us a call or email us, and let's talk about your web solution. We can help.

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