Pest Extermination Episode 2: Website bugs quiz!

In the last blog post we discussed some definitions of website bugs. Now that we have had plenty of dictionary work, let us go through some examples. Are you ready to take our Website Bug Awareness quiz?

Directions: Identify which statements are examples of bugs and which statements are not examples of bugs. 

Question 1: “The logo on my homepage needs to be bigger.”

  • Nope, this is not a bug. This is a tweak – remember a tweak is a smallish, “it is not broken, but I still want you to change it” type thing.

Question 2: “I am not receiving the emails from my website’s contact form.”

  • Yep, that is a garden variety website bug. We will hunt it down, but check your spam folder first!

Question 3: “I want a blog!”

  • Well now, if you do not already have a blog on your website, that is a new feature! Blogging with new content over time is super for Search Engine Optimization by the way.

Question 4: “I cannot see my website’s main navigation menu anymore.”

  • Yeah, that is a bug! It is time to go into investigation mode do discover why the menu is not showing up on the website. Make sure you tell us what page it was on, take a screenshot, and mention what internet web browser and version you were using when the menu went missing.

Question 5: “I want any type of new functionality that my website does not currently support!”

  • Feature and enhancement alert! We can define all the parameters together, iron out all the details, and get developing to make that dream a reality on your website.

Question 6: “When I upload images, I get an error message and my image is not saved on the website.”

  • That is an error – a message telling you about something that did not go quite right. There might be a bug here, but we will need to check it out some. But consider yourself lucky; you got an error printed to the screen! Be sure to take a screen shot for us. Then, we will get out the shovel so we can unearth this issue.

Great job. Now that you can identify website bugs as we have gone through a few examples, you will need to gather some additional information for your diagnosis to be meaningful for your developer! Stay tuned for the next blog post where we will discuss tips for how to report bugs to your developer.


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