Content is King!

Working with websites, there is always a debate over what makes a good website.  What attracts visitors?  How can I get people to come back to my site? What will improve my rank? How do I create a community?

The answer: CONTENT!!!  

Content is king.  Take a moment to think about the websites you visit on a regular basis.  What gets you to come back?  My guess it is the content.  Almost every day I go to a few specific websites. One updates me on my local area, one updates me on the industry I work in, and one updates me on my favorite teams.   

The goal of every website, at least in some form, is to get you to develop a habit. They want your daily routine to involve their website. Successful websites are ones that update frequently enough that there is something of interest every time I visit. 

Think about your daily routine on the web. What are the first sites you visit?  We all have our habits on the web.  Whether it is to check the local weather or our bank accounts, we go to these sites because they present something new every time we go and because we have formed a habit.

Not only does good content get visitors on your site regularly, it also helps you improve your search rankings.  Most major search engines index sites on a regular basis and when the content is the same the site falls in the rankings.  When the content is new and of high quality, the site will move closer to the top of the list. 

Content is king! 

So the next time you are sitting around planning a website, think about the content.  Where will you get it?  How often will you update it? Does it give people a reason to come back? Not sure how or what you should do?

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