Be, Be Objective Part 2

Now that we have discussed some objectives that websites can have in Be, Be Objective Part 1, it is time to be objective about those objectives. Here, let’s start discussing the adjective form of the word objective and ask a few more questions: Does my website achieve its intended purpose effectively? Do I need to change or improve my website to better fit those purposes? By contrast, do I need to realign my original conception of what I thought the purpose of my website was? So take a step back with me and be objective about websites.

It can be difficult to look at my own website and remove my preferences, emotions and preconceptions in order to check if I am achieving my intended goals. Often my opinions are a helpful guide but my preferences can blind me. My true preferences are not facts to be applied to the whole world in every situation. So how do I open my eyes and bring objectivity to my website to make sure I am achieving my goals? Here are some options:

  1. Often times, simple search engine optimization (SEO) analytic information can help greatly. Quantitative data about the number of hits, time spent on particular pages, and traffic sources can help illuminate how your visitors are using your website.
  2. Seeking the advice or impressions of multiple people that you respect is valuable. This can help you think outside of your own views and see things in a new light. Although opinions are highly subjective, they can help you break that iceberg that is your frozen conception and break down your own subjectivity.
  3.  Look at other websites with similar objectives. By checking into the methods and elements present on similar websites, you can get ideas of how to improve or refine features on your own website.  I know it is hard, but take your heart out of it for just a second. Do not let your website suffer because it is your baby. Be critical and improve.
  4. Make wise decisions with confidence. Work very hard not to blow up miniscule details into catastrophic problems. They will often turn into a black hole for time. Based on the information that you can gather, make your best choice and run with it. Details are important but beware perfectionist; they will consume you and eat your time for lunch. And your breakfast and dinner too! 


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