5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are countless ways to make mistakes when designing a web page, and as it is in our nature as humans to make mistakes, we see tons of them. Being able to identify these mistakes and fixing them is key in becoming a successful web designer. Here are five mistakes that we see that you should avoid when designing your next webpage.

  1. Perfect Alignment: It may seem like having everything perfectly aligned on your webpage would be the way to go, however this is not always the case. Sometimes moving certain elements off-center could add some liveliness to the page and really make it pop. Utilize the rule of thirds to avoid perfect alignment and still look neat.


  1. Too much space between elements: Oftentimes on landing pages, designers will leave too much space between the main text and the call-to-action. You should consider grouping the main text and the CTA together, as this will lead the user right to the CTA after reading the main text. If there was too much space, they may just gloss over it and not interact with the CTA.


  1. Images on top of images: Some webpages use images as backgrounds, and overlay other images on top of it. This can make your webpage look cluttered and disorganized. Rather than overlay the images, it would be better to stick to slight layering, or just choosing only one of the pictures. This will make your webpage much easier to look at.


  1. Utilizing too many text effects: Sometimes adding text effects like drop shadows can help make your text stand out from the background, but this should be done carefully. If you use it too much or with too high an intensity, it might make the text on your page harder to read. If you are having trouble making your text stand out on a lighter background, it might be better to just use dark text rather than a drop shadow. 


  1. Not adding cast shadows: This one may seem contradictory because the last mistake was utilizing too many shadows, but adding shadows to some specific elements can really benefit a webpage. If you are using an image with a transparent background, it may look a bit odd just floating around on your webpage. Utilizing shadows to make the image stand out and become more lifelike can really take your design to the next level. 


Avoiding these mistakes will definitely help when designing your next webpage. If you want professionals to design your website for you, contact Covenant Design today!


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