4 Web Design Trends In 2021

Every year there are new and exciting trends in the world of web design. Being able to stay in step with these trends can be challenging but will help you get the most out of your design projects. Whether you’re designing a site for your own personal use or for a client, knowing the current trends will help you build a better, more modern design. Here are some recent trends that can help your site stay up to date:

Minimalism: One current trend comes with the rise of minimalism in web design. These days, many websites are taking on a more minimalist approach. When the content of your website is clearly laid out and easy to maneuver through, you can attract users of all skill levels. Whether it be someone who knows how to sift through sites to find what they are looking for or a novice user, a minimalist design leads to a better user experience. This simplified user experience can help lead to a lower bounce rate on your site. Sometimes less is more, and many minimalist sites can accomplish the same thing as complicated sites, all while being cleaner and more simple.

ChatBots: One disadvantage to online shopping when compared to brick and mortar stores is that there aren’t associates by your side available to help you when you are shopping online. However, with the rise of AI, ChatBots have been able to help fill the customer service gaps lacking in e-commerce. ChatBots can help give your site a more conversational feel to it. Rather than filling out a form for a quote, the customer can chat with a ChatBot and gain answers to their questions in a real time dialog, rather than filling out a form. ChatBots can help triage customer service and help refer customers to informational pages that can help with their needs. AI’s can even help by processing return initiations. 

Gradient Color scheme: Ensuring your website is visually appealing should be one of the first steps in your design. The colors you choose and how to utilize them are key in this process. Gradients are a great way to blend your colors together seamlessly. Rather than have different colors in different sections of your site, you can use a gradient blending the colors and keep the same color scheme throughout the site. Whether you are designing a more sophisticated site or a minimalist site, color gradients can help your website stand out.  

Dark mode: Sites that utilize dark mode are typically very bright sites in their standard mode. If your site falls into this category, dark mode might be a good option for your site to have. Dark mode provides users with a low contrast site that is much easier to look at in low light environments. For example, sites like Netflix and Spotify are designed in dark mode and don’t offer a lighter alternative, whereas Instagram and Twitter can be switched in and out of dark mode.  

Not all trends are for every type of website. Depending on what you are trying to get out of your site, some of these trends may be exactly what your site needs. If you are looking to have a site designed or redesign an existing site, see what Covenant Web Design can do for you here.

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