4 Tips To Improve SEO, Page Rank, Conversion Rate

Use Great Content To Boost Website Traffic

We work hard to develop great websites for our clients, and we want to make sure those sites keep working hard for you with great SEO, top Page Rank, and a Customer Conversion Rate that builds your business. When your website first goes online, it sparkles! Hopefully though, your business has grown and changed. And Google has changed too, altering its algorithms in ways that may significantly impact your page rank and ultimately your CCR.

So We're Stopping by to Share a Few Tips and Some Great News about How We Can Help!


Your Website Is Your Online Business 

Your physical business needs regular upkeep, or it gets a tired, dingy look that makes customers want to shop somewhere else. Google is looking at your online business your website the same way.

Google recently released information about its Page Rating Guidelines, revealing that what consumers wantend what Google requires for top page rankes fresh, high-quality content.


That's why we're happy to announce that a top-notch content writer has joined the Covenant Web Design team. Annie is a professional writer with a PhD in Rhetoric and many years of experience writing content for business, non-profits, DIY, and education. Her role is to help our clients develop the fresh, high quality content that your customers want and that Google expects.


Of course, you can update content yourself in your Drupal site, but we know what usually happens: Your expertise is your business, and your time and attention are focused on running that business. Writing content updates is one of those items that tends to slip further and further down the to-do list.That's why we have brought Annie on board: to help our clients with content updates.


Does Your Site Need a Content Update?


High-quality, fresh content will improve your SEO, page rank, and conversion rates. Use these four tips to give your site a quick check-up.


Tip #1 Fresh Content


If you want top page rank, web experts recommend that 10-30% of your site should be new content added each year. An important rating factor for freshness is a publication date in the header, like you see in announcements, events, product releases, and blog posts. If your site doesn't include a blog, we should talk about that. A blog with a consistent posting schedule could be one of your most effective strategies. Check out these stats:

Well-written blogs add fresh, high quality content to your site, improving your search rank and your CCR.

While you're adding new content, don't forget to update existing content. Front page, "above the fold" content is the most important to Google, so those main menu pages that seem stable are the most important candidates for a fresh face. Check out our infographic for more ideas.

Tip #2 High Quality Content

Google says high quality content is accurate, original, and insightfully synthesized. It is thorough, "in-depth," and written with what Google calls E-A-T: "Expertise/Authoritativeness/Trustworthiness."

Google also assesses the actual writing on websites and reduces page rank for content that is poorly organized, difficult to read, or grammatically incorrect. In its newly-released standards, Google states that "For all types of webpages, creating high quality MC [Main Content] takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill."

This emphasis on high quality content is one of the reasons we are so excited to add Annie to our team.

Tip #3 Relevant Content

Relevant content is either timeless or timely. Timeless content tends to be historical context or historical fact which can be made timely by adding fresh insight. Other timely content includes discussions of current topics or events relevant to your business. Relevant content builds credibility with readers by demonstrating expertise and authority. It is sharply focused on the topic and minimizes distractions from unrelated content or ads. Relevant content is also well-structured so users can read thoroughly or scan to find just what they need.

Tip #4 Varied Types of Content

Simply adding images to an article can increase views by up to 94%! Integrating high quality, meaningful images into your pages improves SEO, increases traffic to your site, and creates opportunities for engagement with viewers.

But don't stop with images! The best content development starts by understanding your audience who they are, what problems they need to solve, and the criteria that shape their buying decisions. The next step is choosing the best content types to reach your audience. These may include articles, infographics, whitepapers, newsletters, videos, webinars, podcasts, and more. With Annie's experience and expertise in rhetoric, she can help you analyze your audience and reach right through their searches to deliver targeted, high-quality content that explains how your business provides the solutions they need.

So How Does Your Website Check Out?

If you need help with content updates, or if you aren't sure how well your site is performing, give us a call. Our team can help you monitor your site analytics and work with you to develop a content update plan.

We are committed to your success!

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